Sunday, October 4, 2009

I'm Engaged!!! [novel version of the story. sorry I ramble]

Ok ok ok. It has officially been a whole week since Nick popped the question, but I had such a busy seven days and am finally sitting down to write out the story. [Let me just tell you all, I was TOTALLY surprised and had zero idea it was coming this soon (he had me thinking next semester!)]

First of all let me clarify- I recently had a revelation that perhaps Nick might be tricking me and there was a chance we would be getting engaged earlier than I thought. I have a tendency to ruin surprises for myself which, if it just affected me would not be too terrible, but it kills all the fun for the person planning the surprise. So upon said revelation, I basically made getting engaged and married an abstract thought and idea, something that would happen someday, but was not any time soon so I should quit thinking about and waiting for it. I knew Nick wanted me to be surprised, and I knew I would ruin it if I tried.

That being said, last Saturday was our one-year of dating anniversary. I had to work all day (literally 6am-7pm) and then go home and shower, get ready and finish the gift I got for/made him. Then we were going to watch the Huskers game and grill steaks at his house. I got to his house and he gave me a beautiful diamond necklace (picture to come, I am not at my computer so I can't post one) and we spent the evening just watching football and hanging out together. [I thought the necklace and evening were perfect and definitely enough, just fyi].

SO the next day, Sunday, he asks me to go out to eat with him and then go out to the lake to watch the sunset. We eat, and drive out hurrying to catch the rapidly setting sun. We get to the lake and he takes me down to the place where he told me he loved me for the first time [again, see pictures to come, or look on Facebook], and for ten or so minutes we just took pictures of ourselves and watched the sun set over the lake. Perfect way to end a day, or so I thought...

[Ok so here I will remind you all how Nick asked me to be his girlfriend, only one short year and a day before: He made a scrapbook, but don't call it such, with pictures of us and a letter he had written me that, in a roundabout way asked me to date him at the end. I looooved it. He is such a romantic :) ]

Back to last Sunday. So we are talking and watching and he says something like he has one more gift and sorry it wasn't done yesterday, but do I still want it? I'm like duh, thinking a gift is a gift, no matter what day you give it to me, of course I'll take it! :) So he pulls out a book, kind of similar to the first one, minus the fact that the date on the front is one day and one year later. He tells me to read it, again pictures and a letter, and I do so (outloud, per his request, I think just so I would be distracted enough not to notice him fidgeting around behind me).

All the while I am thinking, gosh, this is so great and cute, I mean, I love it and all, but this would have been such a great way to propse, silly boy should have waited to give this to me! [Can we say completely oblivious and gullible??!]

So I read it, outloud, and as I get to the end I read something to the effect of "today...take the next step in the journey..." Again I'm thinking, gosh I mean, I love the book and all, but this letter would have been such a great way to propose! Haha!

Ok so I'm done reading, and we are standing there, silent, breathing, saying nothing for what seemed like an hour [hardly a minute I'm sure] and I kind of turned around and looked at him, not sure what to say, because he wasn't saying anything! Totally awkward.. I turned back around to look at him for what to do next and he turned me around, got down on one knee, and said "Hannah, Will you marry me?" [AHHH!!!!!] I was like, "Whaaat?!" and then "I mean YES!" and then I started crying and just kept saying "What?!" and "This is so perfect" and "Oh my gosh!" oh and squealing and jumping up and down and hugging and whatnot :)

SO THEN after another few minutes, Nick points up the hill in some bushes, and out pop Sarah and Kai holding cameras! AND he points another direction and there is a videocamera taping us! [The video is quite hillarious, mostly of course me just being ridiculously excited and giddy.]

Ok so we're engaged, the wedding is May 15th so SOOO soon, and I am beyond more excited than ever to marry the most wonderful man I know. Love is a beautiful thing, and I am so blessed to be a part of such a wonderful relationship. Yay!

The pics


  1. SOOO HAPPY!!!! Thanks for calling me when it happened...I felt so special by the way! He is so fun! Your ring is beautiful!!! I am so proud of you and you bring my heart so much joy my sweet banana!!

  2. yay!! So excited for you guys! What a great story!!