Monday, October 12, 2009


Huskers/Chili Party, Family x3, Wedding Dress Shopping (got one, btw!!!), Apartment/Room Cleaning (we may have just bought a mop and a broom yesterday..oops), and a midterm tomorrow. Ahhh!!!

But I love my life and I love where I am. I'm slightly tired of going to class, but see the value in continuing to do so. I am beyond blessed.

Sidenote, thanks to Mom for doing the laundry.

Busy busy busy busy, but good.

If anyone has any inexpensive wedding reception venue ideas, let me know. now. Thanks!!


  1. Such a fun time!! Yay for the dress!! I assume you're getting married in Manhattan?... Manhattan seemed so short on affordable wedding/reception venues. As you know, we had both at Grace, which wasn't too bad. But the reception area didn't hold many. Thankfully we were able to squeeze everyone in. I've always wondered about Pottorf Hall in CiCo. Haven't ever been in there. May not be big enough/nice enough. No idea.

  2. Where's the Bible verse!?!?

    And if you really get in a pinch and don't need a lot of food facilities, you could try Crestview. I think it's pretty cheap, but I'd imagine it'd be too small. Or how about the Clarion?