Wednesday, September 9, 2009


As per my usual, I have plenty of homework and am not doing it. I am catching up on my facebook photo uploading, hanging out with one of my roommates, listening to some sweet tunes, about to clean my room, reading some blogs, reflecting on life, etc. I think I really have a problem with procrastinating and can't fix it. Dang.

Anyway. I teach my first lesson [aka microteach-1] tomorrow! I'm doing an activity-based 4-5 minute lesson on how to diagram a sentence. I know, riveting! [Ok but seriously, grammar, proper grammar that is, just gets me! I love it!!! Parts of speech, correct spelling, proper word usage, etc. I love it all!] I am so excited to teach it, I just hope I don't talk too fast or mess up or anything. There are like 40 other English majors in my lab class [ooookk like four, but still] so hopefully we can learn a lot from each other this semester! Oh and I am making my first real resume' also due tomorrow.

Bahh, I hate going to school. Couldn't the homework just be optional? Or what if I just took one class at a time? I feel like I would do so much better..

I need inspiration, motivation.

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  1. ugh i hate grammar. no good at it either. i'm glad you love it. and that you love to teach it. but that means that your jr high students are going to be smarter than me... hope your first lesson went great (and i'm sure it did)