Monday, February 1, 2010

Menu Plan Monday.

More than almost anything I want to be organized and in control of my life.  I have a huge tendency to get overwhelmed and stressed (and in doing so take out said stress on the fiance'), and in this semester of a million and one things I have to work very hard to not go crazy.  That being said, I have been religiously writing in my planner and working pretty hard to stay on top of the reading and homework I have due each day in class.  (If you know me at all, you know this is a giant struggle of mine.) I have also been trying hard to think about whether or not the item of my stress is worth my emotional commitment.  I have also (also) been working on thinking in a more cyclical sense, in that I am attempting to look at issues and points or conflict from more than just my (super-stressed, tired, moody, grumpy, whiny, emotional) point of view, and to remember that no matter how much I think and wish certain someone(s) knew what I was thinking, keeping my mouth shut and pouting says nothing but "something is wrong and it is probably your fault, but I am too stubborn and grumpy to deal with it/you right now." 

This week I am doing a few things to continue becomming [more] organized:
1. MENU PLAN MONDAY!  - Ok, confession.  I LOVE mom's that blog all about their cute little lives, their kids, their husbands, their frugality, and most of all, their weekly menus!  I secretly (no longer secretly I guess) want to be just like that!  Super cute and fun and organized... and with time to blog and let people read all about my lovely life.

Glad I got that little secret out of there... Anyway, this week I am trying the whole menu-planning thing.  My mom used to have a little list of meals for the week on the fridge and let Sarah and I help pick what went on each day and go grocery shopping with her or my dad, and I loved that!  I also really think menu-planning will help me eat out less, save money, and be healthier.  So here is my first try:

Black beans and brown rice

Chicken Stir Fry (which, btw, I am unsure of how to
Brown Rice

Chicken Enchilladas
Chips and salsa

BBQ Chicken Pizza (homemade)


Ooook, apparently all I eat is chicken.. whoops!  Blame that one on the good 'ol Campus Center.  MCC4L :)

Anyway, I love cooking and fixing meals and eating (lol), and definitely find making dinner to be a nice stress reliever and calming time for me, so hopefully this will be a good (better than last) week for me.

OH and in case anyone is wondering, triathlon training is...coming along.  PtL it is not until the end of summer or I would never have a chance at being in shape.  Registration is this month though, so soon there will be no backing down!

Anyway, rough last week means a better this week.  You look good, you feel good, right?  Let's hope so. 

Peace and Love.

PS. I said I was working on a number of things, but now that I wrote that whole post about eating I can't seem to remember the rest.  Oh except I have been trying to wear matching socks more often.  Socks have never really been a huge priority to me in the past, but of late I have been working a tiny bit harder on making sure the socks I am wearing are at least right-side out and the same style.  Oh and clean...ish.  I just remembered that because I went to put on some socks.

Ok bye.


  1. menu planning def. helps!!! It is hard to stick by- but kuddos for all of the veggies on your list!!! I would tell you how to make stirfry except I don't know how either. If you find out from someone then please let me know... it does sound real good!

  2. All I ever eat is chicken and ground turkey. You're not alone. ALSO, I plan meals 2 weeks at a time and shop for what I need. I save money this way and don't sit around trying to figure out what to eat (which usually results in laziness and eating out on my part). If you ever want suggestions, just let me know! I don't make exciting food, but it's usually something you can prepare ahead of time or in 30 minutes or less... my kind of cooking!