Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taking Control.

1. To eat this week:  spaghetti and broccoli.
                                       grilled chicken salad and black beans.
                                       bbq chicken pizza and corn.
2. To work out this week: run at least twice before Friday.
                                                 bike at least twice before Friday.
                                                 lift at least three times before Friday.
                                                 do a lot of crunches.

3. To read this week: Cockroach.
                                         articles for [all] classes.
                                         blogs and stuff.

4. To plan: invitations.
                     think concretely about reception decor.
                     weekends until August :/ [oh wait..already done].

5. To write: letter to friend.
                       at least one more blog post.
                       my definition of Biblical marriage and why I want to marry Nick. [for counseling]
                       poem for class.

6. To do: survive while doing all those other things.


  1. You forgot one! To hang out with: Spencer and Aanna on Saturday for lunch.

  2. this is accountability at its finest...or worst (not because of anything you've done...i mean you put it all out there...but it is truly at its finest if any of us who read this actually ask you what you have accomplished from this to-do list). <----- longest parenthetical statement ever for such a small comment?

  3. sounds like some great goals! :) I need to get my work out routine back in place... easier said than done! :)