Thursday, July 29, 2010

no title today.

Living alone is the pits.  I want my husband back from CIY now please.

In two days I will have completed a triathlon (sprint-style, don't be too impressed).

I love to watch Ace of Cakes.  Ok I love to watch the Food Network.  All the time. 

I want need some ice cream. 

I also need want to lose like 7 pounds. 

Maybe when I'm done with this stupid darn triathlon.

I finished my last college class ever.  And by ever I most likely do not mean ever.  Unfortunately.  But for this degree, I just finished my last college class everrrrr!  I graduate in December.  My last name is Brown now, in case you need to know for the presents you are going to send... ;)

The End.

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  1. We got rid of our cable after a few months of being married, but we miss Food Network like crazy. It was probably the only thing we even watched. =)