Friday, July 23, 2010

happy happy joy joy

I am so full of joy.  I feel like the old saying my cup runneth over could be applied to me right now, as, though I have my problems and hard things in my life, the blessings seem to far outweigh the pitfalls.  In an effort to a) blog more, and b) kill time waiting for my husband [I just love to refer to him as that], I will list some of the many things I love/that bring me joy:

#1: Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms.  GIFT FROM THE LORD!!!  Nick got me [us] a bag of these, plus a bag of peanut-free ones, for our two month-iversary of marriage, along with two-dozen roses and two bananas.  Does the man know the way to my heart or what?  Throw in two turkey sandwiches and two Francine Rivers books and I am good to go for days!  But seriously.  These perfectly wonderful dark delicacies are perhaps my very most favorite food and if calories (and my waist-line) were of no matter to me, the candies would be a part of my every single day diet.  Darn you calories!!!  ;)

#2: Speaking of calories, I really enjoy websites that allow you to type in almost every single food EVER under the sun and they tell you how many calories per each food.  This is a blessing and a serious burden all at the same time, as in the past, I could just assume Birthday Cake Remix from Coldstone only had like 210 calories per each "Love It" size serving... unfortunately not the case.  However, it does allow me to appear incredibly healthy and intelligent as I regail others with my extensive knowledge of the caloric world. 

#3: New Bible Study on Monday nights!  God has really been laying it on my heart (and I do not use those words lightly) to do something like this, and I am so excited to see where he takes us over the coming weeks.  So blessed to have such great and Godly women in my life encouraging me and lifting me up.  Only a few more weeks until the rest of them are back to town [of course always minus a few beloved friends from the great state of OK!]  But seriously, God is so good to me and ever humbling me through this.  Excited! 

#4: The aformentioned turkey sandwiches.  I LOVE a good ol' turkey sandwich.  They are best in the summer too because tomatoes are more prevalent and I am more apt to buy lettuce and we just got some flat/skinny bagels and sandwich thins with the grains and seeds on top and I am just delighted to eat a sandwich for lunch almost every day!  Yumm yum yum :)  [If you aren't following, the way to my heart is simple:  buy me some chocolate and make me a sandwich and hang out with me.  the end.]

Juuusssst kidding, not the end! 

There are two more things that brings me joy today:

#5: The power of a faithful and praying people, coming together and uniting for one purpose, lifting up our brothers in Christ, and BELIEVING that God has the power to perform healing miracles!  I have been seriously moved this week by the demonstration of God's love this week specifically in two great families in our church here in Manhattan.  Too long of a story for me to tell, but basically one man needed a liver transplant, so another man donated a part of his.  Surgery was yesterday, both men are in recovery today.  GOD IS SO GOOD, AMEN!  If you have a moment to spare, lift up their recovery to our awesome Lord, as it is a slow and probably painful road ahead, but that road includes life, which is what matters!  PTL!

and #6:  I am so overly filled with joy to be spending all my days with the love of my life and husband of 69 days.  Each day I am challenged again to be selfless and love another more than myself, and each day I learn more about patience, grace, and forgiveness as it is unconditionally demonstrated to me.  Each day I learn more and more about the loving God as his relationship to us is one of unconditional devotion and patience and grace, as ours should be toward one another. 

Blessed blessed blessed blessed blessed. 

‎"And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective." - James 5:15-16


  1. I have this picture of you spouting calorie facts like you do the weather. I know how you get obsessed with things. Haha. I can picture you talking about it at lightning speed with your signature smile on your face, and it makes me miss you!

  2. it's crazy how much marriage opens our eyes to God's goodness.

  3. there's an app called LoseIt! for the iPhone/iTouch. You can search every single kind of food ever for calories AND subtract calories based on what kind/how much exercise you

  4. I love your joy are always a joy...:)

  5. Is it the right thing to do to respond to a comment you made on my blog by posting a comment back on your blog? I dunno.

    Mom and pies... thing is... she's no better at them then me. Don't tell, but sometimes she just picks them up frozen at Walmart!

    Please text me when you're in town. Come over. We'll meet up with you somewhere. Something! The 'rents will be in town with Caelan. They'd love to see you guys too... really.