Saturday, May 29, 2010

post-wed life

1. I am officially a married woman, and feel...basically the same.  Minus the fact that I am WAY happier without all that darn stress.  Like I am a million times less mean and crazy now that I am done with a 20-hour semester and all that planning and work that my mom did...speaking of, thanks mom!  Shoot, she did so so so much work.  The best.  But anyway, marriage is super fun and I really like it. 

2. Right now I am at a party and we are watching the Suns and the Lakers.  In case anyone was wondering, I do not enjoy NBA basketball and think it is boring and dumb. 

3.  Also in case someone was wondering, I hate bug bites.  Currently I have approximately 437  bug bites from my toes all the way up to my nose and every single one itches all the time like I have chicken pox.  Worthless.  HAVE NO FEAR though, I got some bug spray, the kind you can sweat in, because seriously who isn't sweating during the summer outside regardless of the time of day, a citronella candle, and am about to purchase one of those clip-on bug repellers and am stoked to try it out!  :)

4. We have SO much stuff.  Like, most of our new and cool gifts are open and put away, with the exception of a small pile of things to return, and are left with all our old, dumb stuff.  Our stuff isn't actually dumb, just boring because we already knew we had it and actually have to put it away now.  But don't worry, the kitchen is clean and there is nothing in the bathroom sink so we're good. 

5. Nick and I combined have so many clothes!  Please come buy them from us.  With my permission.  As in you can have anything I bought before the year 2008.  Scratch that.  You can have all but those new dresses I got from Target and my cotton v-necks.  And you can have most of the clothes from before Nick and I started dating and I started buying him Gap clothes on sale.  :)

6.  I love my friends.  The only downside to marriage is that we don't get to have other roommates anymore.  Living with Nick is seriously, but I wish we could have all our friends just take turns living in the guest bedroom.  (Not an actual offer for friends to come live with us.)  But I do miss Marion (almost typed @MariLibrari, whoops) and I know Nick misses Kai and sort of wish we could all just be next door neighbors.

The End.


  1. i'm so happy for you guys...and i miss hanging with you both in the office.

    there have been several moments here in the office in vegas where i have thought to myself...hannah would think this is really funny.

    anyways...can't wait to see you guys again soon at the wedding.

    oh and p.s. - i'm glad we get to walk together at the wedding and tell jokes and laugh at all the funny things that i'm sure will happen.

    your pal,

  2. uhhhh Kai and I ARE MOVING IN and I don't know why you think it is some sort of joke...