Monday, May 10, 2010


Ok ok ok.  I'm not saying I am nor will I become in the next nine days a bridezilla, BUT, and I say this with complete seriousness (well, as serious as you can be when you use any word with the suffix -zilla on it) it would not be hard to become one.

"To be or not to be...a bridezilla?" -Candice Lewis.  

But anyway.

My [our] wedding is in t-minus five days and it still feels pretty surreal to me.  Not saying I'm not totally ready and stoked, just feels so unreal.  [That may have something to do with the 8-page research paper and two finals looming over my head...but whatever.]

In other important news, Nick graduated from MCC on Saturday!  Wahooooie!  Way to go!  So did Kai and Marion!

Anyway, stress levels are through the roof, tears are always at bay, emotions are soaring in every direction, and to-do lists are never-ending! BUT it is all worth it, because at the end of this week, I will be the luckiest girl in the world, married to the man I love more than any other man.  I am blessed, and so happy to have so many wonderful people surrounding me and loving me.  Praise the Lord!

Special shout-out to all mothers, most importantly mine of course: You raise us and you teach us to do what is right, in hopes we will grow up to be loving, caring, wise, passionate, devoted people who desire to love the Lord above all others and let that love overflow into every area of our lives.  You let us cry, you listen to our problems no matter how petty or ridiculous, and you tell us we are special, beautiful, and the very best.  Mom's are better people than most, as they sacrifice their time, money, and happiness so that we, their children, their incredibly blessed and spoiled children, may have the things we think we need.  Thank you, mom, for giving so much.  Thank you moms, for being so special.  

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  1. I highly doubt you could be Bridezilla...even if you tried!!! I am praying for you this week! Relax about your papers & will do AMAZING!!!! And the never ending TO DO list will get done! Don't worry!! No matter what you will be the most beautiful person at your wedding :) Love you lots!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and you made me cry because you are so sweet to moms!!!!!