Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finals Schminals.

Its like every semester I forget.
Late late nights are super grand...until the next morning when time doesn't stop and you have to go to work and pick up your marriage license and turn in a paper and dip oreo balls and roll up tortillas and eat at your grandpa's and lose three pounds before Saturday because you have eaten SO much to try and stay awake and functioning this week. 
Sitting in bed all day studying is fine too...until you realize even though you just read through an entire semester's worth of powerpoints it makes little difference in the amount you learned in the class and you find out that maybe, just maybe, you should have done more of the required reading so when you have to identify five different passages of poems and tell about their significance, as well as write a three-page in-class essay regarding the influence of gender and class on women writer's in the Victorian era, you might have a clue what you are talking about.
Reading articles and looking at funny websites is super and all...until you remember the ten-page paper you STILL have managed to put off and the bottle of MD Voltage that is quickly losing its effect on your staying awake abilities and all the snacks you justified eating by pretending they would help you stay awake to do that paper.
Pretending all the wedding plans will just magically pull themselves off is great and stuff...until you remember you have yet to make any sort of dent in moving out of your room and into your new apartment and the couch is being delivered tomorrow and you haven't got bridesmaid's gifts finished or even started on the programs or helped your mom with the food even a tiny bit or figured out who will light all those tiny little tea lite (sp?) candles before the guests arrive at the reception or who is actually going to make the church look like it isn't a gym and what song we will leave to and what pen to write in the guest book with and what I am going to wear that is blue and how we are all going to be ready by picture time.
Accidentally forgetting to work out the last month has been nice and all...but now its wedding time and I have to wear a strapless dress that shows my non-model-like arms [lol, like my arms will ever be model-like, bahaha] and my chiseled back, and I have to LGN and goodness knows I definitely do not and the six-pack abs I was thinking would just magically appear despite the cookies I thought I just had to have those twelve times and the pecan roll at Panera that looked so yummy but wasn't and all that dreadful time I spent looking at Facebook or wasted sitting in class instead of going to the rec like I wanted to...

Anyway.  I hate finals week.  And ten-page stupid papers about some book I don't even care a lick about and I ran out of cereal this morning so I don't have any for breakfast and I would like to lose three pounds tomorrow and have like forty zillion things to do before Saturday, bah!


  1. hannah,

    if you need any help with anything at all this week...just ask.

    your pal,

  2. It will ALL come together. I promise! I was still printing and cutting programs the DAY OF my wedding. They turned out fine. And those cookies? You deserved them! I'm praying for you this week. Love ya!

  3. the good news is that no one will remember any of those little details and that the main point is that YOUR GETTING MARRIED! Even if you forget to even bring a pen to the church for the guest book, you'll be married at the end of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Finals? It's finals week? who knew? I thought it was Hannah and Nick get married week! Who cares about Victorian poetry? I mean really. Or who cares about theories of the cannon of childrens lit? I think we are done stressing about school, well at least for now. I love you and can't wait to see you walk down that aisle. It will be such a great moment in history. And we will be even bestest of bester friends next semester! YAY! Enjoy your last few days of singleness!