Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 2 Training

Yesterday began Sarah's and my triathlon training.  The race is in July so we are starting now in order to complete the beginner training workout we will be super ready by then.  I am TIRED!  Sheesh.  But motivated and excited to prove my lovely fiance, sister, and mom wrong that I cannot commit to something and actually do it.  I'm planning to blog some about it as another form of accountability.

My last semester of classes starts tomorrow...what in the world!  Except I have one more class to take in the summer... but I'm not really counting it...

Wedding planning is coming along.  Four months and a day until we are married!!!!!!!!!  I wish it was tomorrow.  We started pre-marital counseling today, so in six weeks we should be super ready and the perfect couple.  Phew ;)

Mehhh, I'm tired. 

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