Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hello all!  I'm doing well, in case you were wondering.  This semester is FINALLY almost over and my break from doing homework and finals has approximately 2.5 minutes remaining, so this will be quick.  Make that 2 minutes.

Anyway, my finals are going well, thanks for asking.  I have a paper and a true-false test left to go and then will be in the clear for a couple weeks, hoooorraaahh!!  During said couple of weeks, however, I will actually have to start planning my wedding and making decisions and paying for things, as those things have not been getting done thus far.  Oops.

Inquiry of the Day [which may or may not return on any other day]: We are not serving dinner or having a dance at our wedding [there will be hors' de vors (however that is spelled) and cake and what not, so you will not starve, I promise], and are looking for something unique and special to do as our "entertainment" so to speak.  Perhaps a small jazz band or fun crafts, or a little something for the guests as a parting token of mine and Nick's love, but regardless, I, mind you, we, are looking for ideas.  SO pretty please if you have any, I humbly ask for any tips or suggestions of things you may have seen at another wedding, done in your own, seen on Bridezillas, or perhaps just dreamed in your pretty little head.  Yesterday marked exactly five months [Holy Cow, I know!  Where does the time go, wasn't I seventeen and almost going to Garth Brooks' house with (name shall remain a secret) and pointing a pinky at "that girl" just yesterday??!  Bahh!] or 155 days until the Big Day, but much planning will commence over the course of the next few weeks, so seriously if you have any ideas, shoot them my way!

Muchas Gracias, Denada, Bueeeennnooo Massssss, I mean, Thank You Very Much, Have A Nice Day...

Hannah :)


  1. that picture...kills me. I am DEF framing it and hanging it in my apartment next year.