Tuesday, December 22, 2009

17 Again?

Hoooome home on the raaaangeee.

Good things about home:
1. I feel like a million times healthier than I did three days ago.  Mom actually cooks meals (and not just pasta and chicken), and goes to the grocery store. So she can eat fresh veggies.  And fruit.  Yay!
2. The Gazelle.  Special thanks to the next door neighbor for not using her Gazelle anymore and giving it to us.  Muchas gracias indeed.
3. ZUMBA.  Thank you Lyd and Pam for the intro.  I hope we can get a class at the Rec!  [Suuuper fun]
4. Duh, Mom Dad and friends!
5. New/free iPod!  The Apple Store has the most friendly employees ever.  Beats the uninformed Best Buy people with a stick.
6. Picking out my Christmas presents and my mom buying them for me with me there.  Lol.  All I asked for was postage stamps, which I am not getting by the way, if anyone is looking for a last-miunte gift idea para me, but anyway, I basically asked for nothing but postage stamps and oh yah, new cardigans (which I probably don't really need... but will always want) and thus my mom has mostly bought me some of the things I want over the last couple of days, and I will just act surprised on Friday morning when I open them!  :)

Bad things:

1. Far far far away from Apt #13.
2. Far far far away from mi hermana.
3. Far far far away from Nebraska.


  1. she was still in manhattan working until Christmas Eve, so it was just me and the parents for a week!

  2. cute post. just happened by your blog tonight and love the part about eating healthier because mom does the cooking and the shopping... I can totally relate! I love going home to my parents house and having my mom cook me all my favorite things. :) so true!