Sunday, September 12, 2010

Fresh Start


Since I last posted weeks ago, many things have changed.  I no longer work at MCC (but somehow have managed to still physically be in Admissions at least three or more days a week), I now wake up before 6:00am, (a time which I only knew to exist a few days of the year, NOT every!), I am an (almost-) official teacher, aka student-teacher with the BEST cooperating teacher on the planet,  and just switched from Tmobile to Sprint.  Holy changes, Batman, I know!  OH and today starts Day 1 of P90x (which we have to do, because we spent the money on it and committed to doing it).

I am also still working through some sort of emotional, mental, spiritual crisis, but am seeking guidance from our Lord and some close friends to do so.  I think a million and one months of stress, overcommittment, busyness, lack of time devoted to the right things and people, and years of other issues are finally coming to a head and seeping out from under that rug under which I have been sweeping them.  Lots of things were revealed to me during our pre-marital counseling and now continue to be as I no longer live in just my room or apartment, but share so much more of my time and myself with another person.  Thank you Lord for healing, forgiveness, and peace found only in You


  1. You don't have to start P90X today! Just wait 5 more days...

  2. uh han, didn't another big change in your life happen lately???

  3. ANNNNNDDDD my precious baby sister got engaged!!!!!!!!! whole post dedicated to that up next!

  4. My man has been wanting to me to try P90x with him but I just have heard how tough it is that I'm scared to try!! Keep us updated on how it goes and if you like it!