Saturday, June 20, 2009

iLove blog.

So here's the thing; I'll admit it, I secretly love those structured blogs [Thank you Nicole T, my fav blog to stalk--- Simple Woman's Daybook, Menu Plan Monday's, this new Why My Husband Rocks thing, and more]. It's so organized and cute and there are always pictures, and I just really enjoy it. As I'm sure you may know, I LOVE to know all about what is going on with everyone (information-wise, not like, gossip. I used to struggle a lot with that, and what girl hasn't, but seriously realized a few years back just how hurtful and stupid gossip is... thus I have tried to stay away from that kind of knowing about people]. I really just enjoy knowing what everyone is doing and how they are spending their time. All of that being said, Steph T "tagged" me awhile back in this little survey and I did it today at work (cough, cough, I mean not at work...). I love talking about myself and would LOVE to do all of those organized posts but just don't have the time (oh and I don't plan my meals until meal time, which typically results in my eating whatever Nick wants to eat, which is usually pizza or something equally calorie-ful...or sandwiches, thank goodness he likes sandwiches!) Anyway, all that being said, I love to blog, read blogs, email, text, talk, hang out, and any other form that allows me to communicate with or learn more about someone else, and am hoping to keep up a little better with this blog of mine.

7 unimportant things that make me [very] happy:

1. Dark chocolate peanut M&Ms and a Mountain Dew Voltage. Probably my least healthy habit... but those two things always make me feel better. [I do try to stay away from them as much as possible, so that they will stay a special treat as well as to avoid the billion grams of sugar Voltage has in it...]
2. Being tan. Come on, who doesn't look and feel better with a little color? I wish those darn tanning bed rays weren't so hazardous for the health...
3. Simple foods [cereal, turkey sandwiches, apples]. I could probably live on those three things, but the people I eat most of my meals with like a little more variety... those are my favorites though.
4. Driving alone with good old music blaring, singing my heart out. There is nothing like driving down the highway, windows down with Kelly Clarkson or Rascal Flatts singing with me as I go. It just takes me back to a time when life was simpler (not that it is terribly confusing or anything now).
5. Thank You's. Verbal, understood, via-card; really it's just knowing that something I did was appreciated or beneficial to someone else.
6. Getting my haircut! Just being in a salon puts me in a better mood. I would get my hair cut on a monthly basis if it didn't cost...and if I could somehow magically will my hair to grow at super-sonic speed so it didn't end up really short after like six months.
7. Planning and hosting events. I always stress out the day of up until right when the party/event is starting (so look out or I'll probably snap at you and/or start crying), but I really do love all the details, food, coordinating, fun, and people involved in it. [CPC4L?]

Anyway I'm not sure if anyone even reads this but I enjoy posting and getting to be creative and share some of my thoughts here. God is so good to me and has surrounded me with such an incredible group of people, and I am so grateful and blessed by them and by Him.

"Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things." -Col 3:1-2


  1. Okay, I'll make you happy ... THANK YOU for reading my nonsense and actually enjoying it! I am obsessed with blogging, obviously, and love to do it! I often wonder who really reads it! I'm glad you do! The second I see that you've updated your blog, I read it, you be rest assured! You are so cute and it's so awesome to see how you have grown up! Love you so much Hannah! Keep being awesome!! Nicole

  2. I need your e-mail address Hannah. Mine's I want to tell you that to have a "serious" relationship it is essential that you not take things so serious. I had to learn that the hard way, and we really almost lost our marriage because of it. Be who you are, laugh and have fun together! Involve each other in everything you do! You can love the Lord and still have fun together!!

  3. cpc4L.

    and P.S. - screaming music while driving alone in the car is one of my favorite past-times.

  4. hannah i love you. you always make me laugh. i love the organized post things too, but rarely do them :( i should do them more often. i miss you lots