Thursday, November 12, 2009

Rise Above

"Wont let Satan [blowing sound] it out, I'm gonna let it shine!"
Just a couple things- teaching pretend middle schoolers who are actually my college-aged peers is not as easy as it sounds. [Schoolers...not a word] I digress. I love love my Block I friends and especially my lab-mates, but am about ready to be with some real students.
Once upon a blog post I am pretty sure I wrote about rising above your (or my for that matter) circumstances. I have been (and most definitely still am) feeling pressure and pull from a million (like 7) different directions for the past semester (I really think this may be the most challenging semester yet busyness-wise), and have been letting my stress and frustration(s) get my down. Gosh, but what am I doing? I have an awesome and blessing-filled life worth living to the fullest, despite my current state of busyness and stress. [Also, removing the term "stress" from my vocabulary. Use it too much.]

So, on that note, and really that note is about a week old but I am just now posting about it, I am turning over a new leaf, or perhaps just turning back a few pages in my journal that is life and remembering how awesome it is to fall in the arms of a loving Savior and resting in the comfort and joy that is His love.

God is so good.

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