Sunday, March 1, 2009

36 down, 13 to go!

Somehow I have magically completed 16 steps of my paper without even realizing it. Last night I'm sure I had 29 left, now I have 13... and I only remember doing like, 4 of those.. if even that many. Seriously though, the hours pass like minutes. My next break (current break) was going to include a shower which I, perhaps unwisely, just decided against. I continue to drink coffee, not black though (gross. liquid dirt in a cup. sick). Instead it is much more like my mom's "foo-foo" coffee that actually tastes like something, as well as I can tolerate it hitting my taste buds.

After 1:30 tomorrow I am giving up pop and coffee (seriously, when did I start drinking Mountain Dew VOLTAGE???), pizza more than once a week, staying up all night, not working out, wearing the same jeans more than once (err, three times), staying in my room for hours, reading, writing papers, studying, going to the library, class... hold on, no.

Lets just say I'll do some laundry, go to the rec, and start doing my reading (all of it) for class after tomorrow? Yah. That should work.

I need more coffee, some m&ms and the Word Biblical Commentary on Galatians 1, 2 and 19.

My life is in shambles ;)cute:

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